Oil and Gas Extraction

Oil and Gas Extraction

Drilling Engineer

Drilling engineers are responsible for designing and planning drilling operations for oil and gas wells. They work with a team of engineers and geologists to identify potential drilling sites, evaluate the geology of the area, and determine the best drilling methods to extract the resources. They also oversee the drilling process, monitoring equipment and safety procedures to ensure the well is drilled safely and efficiently.

Petroleum Geologist

Petroleum geologists study the geology of oil and gas reserves to determine the best places to drill for resources. They analyze data from drilling and seismic surveys, as well as satellite imagery, to identify potential drilling sites. They also work with engineers and other team members to evaluate the risks and potential of a site, and make recommendations for drilling and production.

Wellsite Geologist

Wellsite geologists work at the drilling site, overseeing the drilling process and analyzing samples of rock and fluid to determine the presence of oil and gas. They also work with drilling engineers to ensure that the drilling is proceeding as planned and that any issues are addressed in a timely manner. They also keep detailed records of drilling progress and samples taken.

Production Engineer

Production engineers are responsible for managing the extraction of oil and gas from the well. They work with a team of engineers and geologists to determine the best methods for extracting the resources and to optimize the production process. They also monitor the well to ensure that it is producing at optimal levels and that the oil and gas are being safely and efficiently extracted.

Completion Engineer

Completion engineers are responsible for designing and implementing the completion of oil and gas wells. They work with drilling engineers to determine the best completion methods for a well, and then oversee the installation of the completion equipment. They also ensure that the well is properly sealed and that all safety procedures are followed.

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